Winter Jacket Styles – Shrink Your Old Jacket and Create a New Fashion

Winter and fall seasons in the past may have let peacoats slip in but this time winds have changed. The hottest hit of the season is the shrunken jacket with a wide range of styles and designs. The cuts may remain the same as traditional jackets but the eye catching and jaw dropping addition to these trendy all time favorites is the length that makes them stand out. They end before the waist begins and button up at the lower end. They offer sex appeal along with coverage against cold weathers.

Jackets can make your outfit sexy, elegant, funky, trendy and hot all at the same time. Shopping for just one piece with so many varieties available this season would be a mistake you will repent all year. The ever existing denim jacket is relived this year by adding softness to its historic roughness. This fall these denim jackets are more feminine than they have ever been with designs and cuts that make them hug the body like a man. Corduroy jackets as well as leather ones are one of the season’s trendiest launches that have hit the shelves again.

Brocade has popped up again this year and old designs have been revised to new, hotter and funkier ones. The jackets that are selling like hot cakes this season are made of this particular fabric, elaborating on its texture and detail in the designs. If jeans are more of your favorites then brocade jackets with a velvet piping or lace trims can work magic for your attire. Some designs have cuts at the back near the hips but some designs are more experimental with longer cuts that extend to almost a little below the chest level (H& M). These sexy jackets have given the term “jackets” a new meaning by enriching their designs with fabrics like velvet, denim, brocade or tweed. Faux fur is just one of the few innovations in these jacket designs and metallic finishes (Allen B. by Allen Schwartz) are following up behind them becoming just as popular.

Jacket length is not the only innovation of the season’s fashion industry. Sleeves have been revamped into the retro style. Bell shaped sleeves using traditional types of fabrics and re living the 1970s are back (banana republic). Houndstooth fabrics are becoming the season’s new ingredient to these trendy designs. Military jackets haven’t been ignored either. Their lengths have been cut down to a mini version with an addition of zippers and brass buttons to compliment their funky appearance (Bebe).

The best thing about these jackets is their versatility. Wear them with a mix of skirts, denim, trousers and dresses and your set to go with a funky, trendy new outfit .The variety of fabrics, designs and styles have made it easier to choose your heart’s favorite this year.


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