Simple Skin Care Guidelines For Men

There are some common skin problems most men face like we women do but feel ashamed to confess. C’mon after all its your skin, and different skin comes with their own sweet problems irrespective of whether its men or women. Lets look at some:

1. Razor bumps and skin reddening after shaving. The solution to this problem is change your shaving cream and use one that is glycerin or aloe based. It will make your shaving much smoother. It is always advisable to start shaving with the direction of your hair growth rather than against it. After shaving, it is mandatory to follow-up with an after shave balm or a regular moisturizer that will suit your skin type. Do not use alcohol-based after shave lotions to avoid skin burning.

2. Your long hours of tireless office work and carefree lifestyle can result in ugly dark circles under your eyes that won’t make you look attractive at all. Smoking, alcohol or partying till late in the morning are some other reasons for dark circles. Avoid such a lifestyle and use under eye creams.

3. If you have an oily skin, then its most certain that you’ll suffer from blackheads or acne breakouts. For blackheads use a clay based pack. No you don’t have to wear a face mask all over your face, apply it only on the problem area. And to control acne or pimples, stop using regular soap for your skin immediately. Instead try a foaming face was or a milk cleanser. Keep in mind to check one of these ingredients in the products you are purchasing: salicylic acid and beta hydroxyl.

4. But before all of these, go to a beauty salon and get your skin tested to know your skin type and also what products will suit you to get that healthy looking skin.

5. After all this is done, follow a set skin care for men: CTM routine. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin; exfoliate once or twice a week.

Cleanse: Cleansing you skin is important because men have larger pores and very active sebaceous glands which in turn produces excess oil making your skin too greasy. If not taken care of, it may lead to frequent acne-breakouts. Use a gel based cleanser or something that’s strong enough to free your skin of the oil.

Exfoliate: Sometimes a simple cleansing using a face wash is not enough for your skin because cleansing may wash away the oils from your skin surface but the dirt particles that have set within your skin pores can wreck your skin. It is better you use a scrubber twice a week for better results. Moreover, exfoliation will also soften the hair on your face giving a smooth and painless shave.

• Moisturizer for men: Don’t start and stop your skin care routine with just your regular body soap, your regular soap and showering strips all the essential oils from your skin leaving it dull and dry. Instead after cleansing it with a face wash, apply moisturizer over your skin, it keeps your skin soft as well as calms your skin from razor burns. Try purchasing one with SPF to protect your skin from the sun.

So these are the skin care tips for men. Nothing much to do, follow them religiously to get a healthy looking skin.


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