Premium Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mug


Are you looking for a Leak Proof and 1-Click Stainless-Steel Travel Mug?

Now Quality Topia brings you stainless steel travel coffee mug, excellent for outdoor activities and daily use.

This thermal mug has some unique features as –

CLASSIC DESIGN: The mug is designed for outdoor activities such as driving, fishing, and picnic. The mug comes equipped with one click opening lock for your convenience and has food grade silicone seals. It comes in four different colors with the classic painting. You can infuse your drink easily with mug’s modern tea infuser and drink easily from mug’s smooth mouth. The mug looks as charming as it functions.

PREMIUM QUALITY: It is a compact mug with its unique features and quality material. Featured sealing ring and cup sleeves ensure that your liquid is dust free and leak proof. This durable mug is made of stainless steel and has a stylish anti-slip rubber bottom.

HIGH EFFICIENCY: The mug has a safe food grade and is FDA/CE approved. Stainless steel glass liner and inner metal ensure that thermal mug will keep your beverages hot for 6-12 hours. It measures 17.2*6.3cm, easy to grip in fingers, with the holding capacity of 350ML of your favorite beverage. Spill proof and scratch restricted travel mug for the amazing outdoor coffee experience.

  • Material used: Stainless steel and Metal
  • Shape: Straight cup
  • Thermal Insulation Performance: 6-12 hours
  • Size: 17.2*6.3cm
  • Weight: 256G
  • Capacity: 350ML
  • Colors: White, red, black and coffee

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