Luxury Full Metal Golden Clip Fountain Pen


Do you want to write in style without much effort?

Quality Topia’s Luxury Full Metal Golden Fountain Pen is the right option for you to writing efficiently and neatly.

PREMIUM QUALITY – Made from excellent quality metal with hardness and toughness. Features Iraurita standard nip with the writing point of 0.5mm. This luxury metal fountain pen is perfect for signatures, office use, and calligraphy.

CLASSIC DESIGN – Designed beautifully for unparalleled writing experience. The pen features a golden metal clip designed by refined molding and has a push type cap. You can easily take off the cape and put it back. You can easily recharge the ink and discharge air by opening the pen from the top.

EFFICIENT –  With the unique design and quality material, this luxury full metal golden clip fountain pen allows you to write smoothly without leaking, skipping or blotching. Perfectly fit for both left and right-handed writer. It is easy to hold in hand and write comfortably without wrist pain or finger ache.

STYLISH – This lustrous metal pen with golden clip looks as charming as it functions. Comes in a variety of colors; dark cloud, green flower, spiral blue, spiral red, classic black, gray stone, and a lot more.

A perfect pen for signature and calligraphy. Sure to make a great Christmas gift or occasional gift for your loved ones.

Key Features:

  • Main Material: Metal
  • Nib Material: Iraurita
  • Nib Type: Standard
  • Writing Point: 0.5mm
  • Cap Type: Push
  • Color: 14 Different Colors
  • Pen Type: Fountain Pen

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