Fitness Half Finger Gloves

These Fitness Half Finger Cycling Gloves Outdoor Multi-Function Sports Gloves Training Weightlifting Gloves features as:

  • Made from high-elastic Lycra and knit mesh fabric, this bike glove is breathable and comfortable, with extra padding, thick EVA cycling gloves, super shock absorption, pain and fatigue relief, making it easier for male or female riders
  • High-quality raw materials:  Gloves use the latest waterproof and windproof materials to work well even in the rain or on a mountain bike. 
  • The inner part of this bicycle glove is made of terry cloth, which helps to easily wipe the sweat and is durable.
  • Non-slip design: With non-slip wear-resistant silicone, it is better to hold the handlebar even on hard roads
  • Suitable for winter riding, such as motorcycles, bicycles, lifting, hunting, shooting, driving, training, skating, work, fishing, climbing, etc.

Key Features:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Palm width: 22cm
  • Total length: 14cm
  • Middle finger: 3cm

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