Extra Large Water Drawing Mat


Here’s How You Can Offer Your Kids A World Of Learning Fun!

Looking for a non-toxic, chemical-free and fun doodling board that will dazzle your kids with its ‘magical’ design?

How about a fairly large play mat that will offer your children a world of fun without making a mess of their clothes or your home?
If that’s the case, then we definitely have what you’re looking for!
Presenting The Ultimate Water Drawing Mat For Kids By Quality Topia [88 x 58 cm]

First things first! Here’s exactly what you get:

  •     1 x Water Doddle Mat
  •     2 x Red Magic Pens
  •     1 x Blue Magic Pen
  •     2 x Stencils (One for numbers & one for shapes)
  •     1 x Drawing Booklet
  •     4 x Drawing Molds

In other words, you are getting EVERYTHING you need to not only start playing right away but also teach your kids the basics of drawing and painting while boosting their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination!
Fun For The Kids – Convenient For The Parents!
We cannot stress how awesome it feels to just let your kids draw and paint without having to worry about their clothes or the integrity of your house!

Now, you can simply have your kids paint on the desk, on the floors or even outside on the grass and everything will magically erase itself after a few minutes!
And if your kids want to keep on playing, they can simply refill the magic markers with water and keep on painting and drawing over and over again!
So What Are You Still Waiting For?
Make This Aqua Doodling Board Yours Today!

Add to Cart now and get one for you at a Special Discount!

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