Car Scratch Remover

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  • New generation Car Scratch Repair Remover Pen. A must item for car lovers and will Save lots of money for you to repair small scratches. Excellent design for clearing coat and auto scratch repair. permanent, water resistant. Portable. Easy to use.
  • DIY painting. You can use this little brush to paint any words logo even your name on your Motorcycle bike or nave of wheel .or anything you want . and please keep the bottle Standing upright after using it (important).
  • Colors. Black, Red, Silver, White, Red Rose
  • It is a bottle of Advanced Car paint with a small Brush in it . So you can not only use it on your vehicles but also on your boat. Motorcycle. bike. fridge, door. desk. floor etc. even DIY paintings. As long as the color matches your stuff, you can use this pen to cover the scratches on it
  • Instructions:  

              1.Clean the scratch area before use

              2.Remove the wax of the scratch area

              3.Remove the iron rust

              4.Shake the pen about 10~40 times before using

              5.Please use in sunny days to ensure product effectiveness

  • Note:

              1.Don’t touch it with your skin directly.

              2.If Accidentally get into your eyes. Please wash your eyes with plenty                   of water and go to the doctor immediately.

              3.Keep it Away from children and fire.

              4.Keep it upward after use.

              5.Easy to dry, please tighten the cap after use the pen

  • Specifications:   External Material: Plastic Capacity: 12ml Repair area: 0.08square meter
  • Package Included:   1 x Car Professional Paint Pen

Key Features:

Item Volume: 12ml
Item Width: 1.7cm
Item Length: 11.5cm
Item Type: Painting Pens

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