Best Moisturizer For Very Dry Skin – Special Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

A good moisturizer is the one which smells good, softens the skin, non greasy and above all it should never irritate the skin. Moisture is required for every type of skin but dry skin the one which needs moisturizes the most. A good quality moisturizer can make your dry skin turn soft and supple. There are a number of options available in the market to treat dry skin but moisturizing is considered the best.

You can choose from a variety of moisturizers and moisturizing creams available in the market of different brands but make sure you pick up the best one. The main thing to see while choosing one is to see that the product does not clogs the pores or else it would be of no help.

Special Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

Below are some useful tips to take care of dry skin and keep glowing:

· It is always suggested that you should completely avoid tap water and hot water. Hot water further makes the skin more dry and flaky and you should always go for purified or mineral water for washing your face.

· Do not rub your skin harshly with towel for drying instead you should let your face dry on its own. Always apply a moisturizer on semi dried face after every time you wash your face.

· Stop using soap immediately if you were using it till now. Soap has harsh ingredients which makes your skin run dry. Always wash your face with cream based face wash or baby soap.

· Never leave home without applying sunscreen on your skin. The harsh ultra violet rays are very harmful for dry skin. UV rays always affects dry skin badly as compared to normal or oily skin.

· Use a facial mask once a week to get rid of all the rough skin and dead cells. Rough skin is more visible on dry skin so make sure you keep your face clean.

· If you have time, try a milk bath and see the difference in first try only. It is very simple; just add 3 cups of milk and any essential oil of your choice to your warm water. Sit in and relax for at least half an hour and then apply a good moisturizer on wet body and message. You will feel soft like never before and your skin will glow.

· Do not forget to clean and apply moisturizer before going to bed at night.


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