Acne Back Treatment – Easy Acne Skin Care Tips

Back acne is a common form of acne. It can occur in adult or young age. This form of acne is very tough to treat. Back acne is common, and often harder to treat than facial acne. The back is made of tough skin with thousands of sebaceous glands that produce a lot of oil.

The scheme is identical to bacne regular regimen with the addition (alpha hydroxy) of glycolic acid lotion 8-10%. I found this product on store shelves here in the states, most notably in the Rite-Aid, my favorite product was Hydrox enhanced lotion alpha.

The breakdowns on your back come from using tight clothing, which trap perspiration against your skin. You can avoid “bacne” showering immediately after workouts. In back acne, if the inflammation is right nears the surface that the patient gets a pustule.

In back acne, if the extra fat is broken through the skin causes a whitehead, and if the head of the plug becomes dark due to melanin pigment of the skin, is called a blackhead.

Most probably, the simplest forms of acne might disappear with daily hygienic routine but as cystic acne goes deep into the skin and cause permanent scarring, should be given more medical attention as simple pustules or blackheads on the back.

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Never underestimating the Acne that can make huge damage on your skin!


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