11 Borderline Creepy Things Every Girl Does When She Has a Crush

When a girl has a crush, it can be difficult to keep your feelings in check. Whether the feelings are reciprocated or not, some girls can end up doing some borderline creepy things – and yet we come to expect it as every girl does it!

The good old social media stalk

When it comes to a crush, social media is the easiest way to find out things about them. You may already know their name and their age so it is easy to give their profiles a stalk and find out a lot more about them – without having to even speak a word to them. If they aren’t careful with their profiles at keeping them restricted, you literally can find out anything.

Knowing every tiny thing about them

As well as using social media to find out things about them, it is super easy to find out things about them through other means. Casual conversation between friends can easily bring up information that you didn’t know about them before.

Making up conversations in their head

How many times have you seen your crush and not said a word to them – and actually had a whole conversation going on in your head? The conversation may be completely trivial or actually mean something but every girl does this at least once when they have a crush.

Planning the future

As well as making conversation with them, it is quite common for girls to actually think about what the future could hold for the two of them – perhaps a naughty date, moving in together, getting engaged and then married, having children, growing old together. Planning the future with your crush can be done in as quick a time as five minutes – and any girl who says she hasn’t done this is lying.

The good old social media stalk…of other people

Should your crush hang out with someone else, you are going to stalk their social media profiles too. You want to know all about them so social media is where you will head to get all the juicy gossip.

Not being able to stop talking about them

Your friends have probably told you to quit talking about them; your family are probably bored to tears. But no matter what people say to you, you are able to turn any conversation round to your crush.

Online quizzes are their lifeblood

We all know that the majority of online quizzes are made up by people just like you and I – yet we are all tempted to see what they say about our futures. If we don’t like the eventual answer, we just retake the quizzes until we get the answer we prefer.

Knowing where they will be

The social media stalk and the obligatory checking in function makes it super easy to now know where our crushes are at all times. Its creepy – but with the information readily available, can you deny that you wouldn’t check?

Visiting the places they will be

A little creepier but plenty of girls go to these lengths. If they know their crush is going to be somewhere, they make it their goal to be the same place and ‘accidentally’ bump into them – and sometimes it works!

Code names are key

Your crush working out you are talking about them can be mortifying so many girls make up a code name for conversations with their friends. However these code names can sometimes be extremely creepy…

Constantly waiting for their reply

Finally, sitting down watching their phone constantly waiting for a reply when sometimes it just isn’t going to arrive….

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